PROJECT 2 start 1 April 2024 - On going 

The ongoing project is centered around enhancing the prayer facility, commonly referred to as the Langgar (small mosque).

Our efforts are primarily directed towards addressing several issues, including repairing a deteriorating ceiling, fixing leaks, constructing a warehouse for storing goods, and improving water quality by cleaning the well and organizing water pipes. Our overarching goal is to elevate the overall appearance and functionality of the mosque, ensuring it fulfills its purpose effectively.


We are repainting the walls and frames. The walls in this building are already dirty, and the frames are dominated by different colors. Langgar (small mosque) is a public place, so there is less maintenance. We are painting the walls with a stronger and layered rubber paint so that if they get dirty, they can be cleaned


We are also currently building a warehouse on the second floor. Our hope is that with the presence of the warehouse, there will be more space available for storing goods. Currently, a classroom is being used for this purpose


The progress of the warehouse construction on the second floor is currently at 50 percent completion.


The new doorway in the building will make the interior of the prayer hall brighter with natural light.
 Additionally, it will facilitate the movement of people who come to mosque.


The materials that arrive are always placed at the entrance of the alley, so we have to bring them into the project using a materials cart. Similarly, when we need to dispose of unused materials, we have to bring them to the front of the alley, where they are then taken by truck to the landfill.