"The most wonderful part of life is when we think about helping others. Sometimes, we only think about getting things, but that's never enough"

Mr. Rudi, 60 years old, doesn't have a home and is unable to work due to mental health challenges, despite being highly skilled at playing chess in his youth. He enjoys traveling around villages and cycling to the city to sell bottled water and earn money. Thankfully, he has relatives who provide him with a place to sleep. You'll find him in Suropati village. Let's try to help him financially so that he has enough for his daily meals and living expenses.

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The ongoing project is centered around enhancing the prayer facility, commonly referred to as the Langgar (small mosque). Our efforts are primarily directed towards addressing several issues, including repairing a deteriorating ceiling, fixing leaks, constructing a warehouse for storing goods, and improving water quality by cleaning the well and organizing water pipes. Our overarching goal is to elevate the overall appearance and functionality of the mosque, ensuring it fulfills its purpose effectively. Read more