Walking Tour

Would you like to experience interacting with locals and get a close look at their lives? Join us as we explore life in Malang city. This tour will take you through themed neighborhoods, offering a glimpse into their everyday lives.

This tour isn't just about walking and sightseeing; it's about understanding the intricacies of a city or area. Travelers can learn about the history and cultural values of a destination.
Additionally, walking a few kilometers over a few hours is a great way to get some exercise.

Put on your comfy shoes, and let's start our walk! 
we're going on a special journey through Malang, a city filled with cool stories and interesting places.

1. Colorful Jodipan Village: Painted Houses Everywhere
Our first stop is Jodipan Village, also known as the Rainbow Village. It's like a big, colorful painting! The houses are painted in all sorts of bright colors. It's like walking through a happy and lively outdoor art gallery. Take pictures and enjoy the cheerful vibes!

3. Traditional Market: Yummy Food and Interesting Things
Next, let's check out the Traditional Market. It's a bit like a maze with lots of different things to see. There are yummy foods to try and cool crafts to look at. Talk to the friendly sellers, and get a taste of Malang's food and culture. It's a fun place to explore and discover new things!

4. Heritage kampong: Old Buildings and History Lessons
Now, we're going to the Heritage Village, where old buildings tell stories. These buildings are really old and look different from the ones we see every day. Walk on the old-style streets, see Dutch-style houses, and imagine what life was like in the past. It's like taking a trip back in time!

5. Old Buildings in Malang City: More History in the City Center
Lastly, let's take a casual walk in the city center. There are more old buildings here that have been around for a long time. Look at the cool designs and read the signs. Each building has its own story. It's a bit like going through a history book, but outside!
And that's it! Our easygoing walk through Jodipan Village, Lantern Village, the Traditional Market, and the Heritage Village is like a treasure hunt for cool stories. Malang is a city with lots of interesting things to see, and I hope you enjoy every step of our little adventure!

Donation : IDR 150,000 /person 
#We aim to use this donation to provide assistance to the people in the surrounding our kampong