Would you like to try traditional Indonesian food? Join our fun cooking for a fun experience with fellow food lovers. Local people will guide you in preparing and cooking delicious local dishes. In the morning, we'll visit a traditional market Pasar Klojen to buy fresh ingredients and spices commonly used in Javanese cuisine.

What dishes will we cook?

1. Sayur Asem with long beans:
It's a spicy-sweet and sour soup filled with Indonesian vegetables, flavored with tamarind.
2. Corn Fritters (Dadar Jagung):
A Javanese snack made from mashed corn mixed with special spices and fried.
3. Potato fritters (Perkedel Kentang):
These are patties made from mashed potatoes, mixed with minced meat, scallions, and spices, then fried after dipping in beaten eggs."

What are we going to do?
Cooking Process: SAYUR ASEM - Sour Vegetable Soup
Prepare all the necessary ingredients: vegetables and spices needed.
Clean all the vegetables and cut them as desired.
Step 1 - Boil water in a large pot. While waiting for the water to boil, slice shallots and garlic.
Step 2 - Adding Vegetables: After the water boils, add green beans and sweet corn. Boil these ingredients for a while.
Step 3 - Add bay leaves, tomatoes, and tamarind. Mix well.
Step 4 - Once the vegetables are almost cooked, add Gnetum gnemon leaves and mix again.
Step 5 - Taste. Add salt and sugar according to your taste. When cooked, remove from heat and it's ready to serve.

Pour the Sour Vegetable Soup into a bowl or serving dish. Serve it with warm white rice, potato fritters, and corn.
Enjoy your meal!"

Are you interested in the way locals cook?

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